Customer Reviews

Expertise and Knowledge Exceeded My Expectations

Posted by Lisa Semenick on 10/11/2011

Ms. Farag makes preparing yearly tax returns less stressful and more pleasant. She is patient and clear in her explanations, and she helps organize and ensure that you have all of the proper documents for filing. She takes her time with you and is very personable, which always makes a stressful activity more pleasant. Her expertise and knowledge exceeded my expectations. I use Ms. Farag throughout the year for money management and organizing the household, as well as my tax return. And if you have a question, she will find the answer and talk to you about your situation. I highly recommend and will continue to use her services.  

Great Tax Service!

Posted by davehk on 08/31/2009

Thorough, timely, accurate, and well versed in recent tax changes. The fee was very fair. Karen is a pleasure to work with. I will be using her as my accountant again. 

Thorough, Attentive, and Efficient

Posted by filmsprout on 08/31/2009 

Karen Farag provides concise, clear, and detailed accounting and financial advice for the small business owner. As a newly re-located sole proprietor in New York state, I relied on Ms. Farag to help me navigate financial paperwork, tax queries and documentation, state registration procedures, and foreign currency transfers. She did all of this with both speed and thoroughness. Highly recommended!

Latest Tax News

Money Management Assistance For Seniors:

Nobody likes paying bills, reconciling a checkbook or scrutinizing credit card statements for identity theft and fraud.

Now there's an alternative:   a Daily Money Manager

I provide personal financial/bookkeeping services to senior citizens, the disabled, and busy professionals.

  • Bill Paying 
  • Balancing Checkbooks
  • Making timely bank deposits and withdrawal
  • Following up on health insurance claims with Medicare and supplemental insurers
  • Budgeting
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Generate tax information

As a CPA licensed in the State of NJ, I can also prepare your tax returns at year-end.

When You Might Want Help

  • If you’re having trouble seeing your checkbook or cannot write checks because of arthritis or other health problems
  • If you can’t get out of the house and get to the bank
  • When you can’t balance your checkbook
  • When you’re paying late fees on bills and bank fees for bounced checks
  • When your family is fighting and you need resolution
  • When your records are disorganized and you want help
  • After the death of a family member
  • During periods of illness or after a hospital stay


  • Relief from Stress - Stress can result from not dealing with a pile-up of mail, unpaid bills, notices from collection agencies, doctors, and hospitals
  • Safeguarding of Assets - Avoiding late payment fees, bank fees from bounced checks, and from receiving a bad credit report
  • Proper Accounting and Record-keeping - Financial transactions are properly recorded; files are organized; tax returns are filed with the IRS in a timely manner
  • Assurance Services - Bank reconciliations are done monthly, and deposits and withdrawals are reflected properly on the bank statement
  • Independent Voice - A trusted CPA can be an independent voice in family dispute